Different Types of Anchors for Metal Buildings


Metal structures are widely used for construction due to their numerous benefits, including greater stability and durability. These buildings can withstand heavy wind storms or even hurricanes, thanks to anchors that firmly hold them to the ground.

The type of anchor system used for your structure will depend entirely on your chosen foundation. And if you’re unfamiliar with the metal building design process, you might not know which type is right for you.

In this blog, we will explore the different types of anchors in detail so you can choose the best option for your building according to the foundation you’ve constructed.

Why Anchors Are Necessary for Metal Buildings

Unlike traditional structures that are built into the foundation, metal buildings need anchors to keep them straight in extreme conditions. Whether it be heavy wind, flood, hurricanes, or earthquakes, anchors prevent the building from losing structural integrity.

For instance, metal buildings used for commercial or industrial purposes generally require larger dimensions. With taller and wider wall panels, they are more likely to be affected by wind storms. Even a gust of wind can potentially lead to damage to your structure. To prevent such scenarios, it’s crucial to make wise decisions while anchoring the building on the ground.

Types of Anchors

Four types of anchors are primarily used in adhering steel structures to the ground. We’ve categorized them below based on their compatibility with the foundation.

Rebar Anchors

Great with gravel and solid ground, these anchors are directly attached to the foundation through base rails. But these anchors are not recommended for sandy soil, as they can become dislodged over time in the aggregate soil. Hence, it’s better to use these anchors in gravel bases.

Mobile Home Anchors

These anchors are popular for dirt or soil as they firmly hold the building to soil foundations. While typically used to anchor mobile homes, these anchoring systems have become a go-to solution for dirt-based builds.

Concrete Anchors

Concrete anchors are among the best solutions you can choose for your building. These anchors are specialized bolts that connect a structure directly to concrete slabs, providing unshakable stability and ensuring your building can stand up to any environment.

Asphalt Anchors

Asphalt foundations require a special kind of anchor to hold the overall structures. These particular kinds of anchors are spiked rods that are driven directly through the asphalt into the soil, firmly holding your building in place.

How to Ensure the Anchors Are Ready for Duty

When constructing a custom steel building, there are specific tips to help you ensure your structure’s foundation is set strong and ready to take on anything. Here’s what you’ll need to know:

  1. Instead of DIY, it’s almost always better to let professionals handle the job.
  2. During the construction of your building, make sure you closely follow all building codes and regulations from your local building department.
  3. Before placing the anchors, check that the foundation is set properly and fully cured.
  4. Safely drill the anchors through the base rail.
  5. Follow all the guidelines carefully for placing the anchors.

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