Comparing Steel Structure Companies – Before You Buy

Comparing Steel Structure Companies

Purchasing a metal building is a significant investment! And with any large family investment, it pays to perform the necessary research to get a structure that’s built properly, made to last, and worth the money spent. However, not all metal building manufacturers are created equal! And failing to find the right one can result in major issues.

So how do you know that you’ve found the right one? That’s an excellent question! Below, we’ve put together a great list to help you separate the good dealers from the bad.

Compare Steel Building Companies Before You Buy

One of the best ways to weed out inferior building manufacturers is by simply comparing them against each other. So here are some questions you’ll want to keep in mind when making these comparisons:

1. Where Are They Located?

Is the manufacturer located locally? Having a local manufacturer will ensure you’re getting the structure you’re looking for.

2. Types of Steel Buildings

While there are many different styles of metal buildings on the market, most companies will specialize in a particular type of structure. With this knowledge, you can find a manufacturer that specifically makes the type of building you need.

3. Services Offered

Metal building companies offer a wide array of services, but not all are the same. So in addition to finding a structure that works for you, you’ll want to find a company that offers the broadest range of services.

4. Building Materials

Not all metal building manufacturers use the same types of metal. While some products contain aluminum and other metals, you’ll want to find a provider that offers structures constructed using galvanized steel to ensure your building is naturally resistant to elemental hazards like moisture.

5. Engineering Services

Some manufacturers vary in terms of the engineering services they offer. Some will have full-time design teams, while others provide limited services. However, having a company that offers in-house design specialists to help is a significant plus.

6. Customer Support

You don’t want a building provider that will give you the bare minimum in terms of customer service! That’s why finding a manufacturer or dealer with a storied history of providing premium products to happy customers is crucial.

7. Trustworthy

What’s your company’s track record when it comes to satisfied clients? How about the financing companies they choose and the rates they offer? Some building dealers have a history of providing inferior products. To ensure you get exactly what you pay for, select a business with a proven record of keeping promises.

Other Crucial Considerations

Once you’ve picked the company you’ll want to work with, there are still several variables you’ll need to cover to ensure you get the building you want. Here are some critical questions to ask:

1. What kind of building do you need?

What type of structure are you looking for, and what role will it fill in your life? Are you searching for a simple residential shed? Or are you needing a commercial-grade building for your new business? Having a comprehensive idea of what you need is a big way to stay ahead of the game.

2. What size building do you need?

No one wants to purchase steel building kits only to discover they’re not big enough! That’s why it’s vital to do your homework to determine a building size that works for you. The first step will be measuring your potential installation site. By performing this task, you’ll have a much better idea of how big your structure will need to be.

3. What regulations and permits will I need?

Most permanent structures are required to be permitted appropriately before construction. Therefore, you’ll want to contact your local building authorities to discover the permits you’ll need and the regulations you’ll need to abide by. Failure to do so can result in significant fines and penalties.

4. Will your steel building be open or enclosed?

An open carport is a fantastic idea if you’re simply looking for a structure to keep your vehicles out of the rain. However, if you expect to use your building for maintenance or other tasks, you may consider purchasing an enclosed structure like a metal garage. Having an enclosed space is a great way to repair or maintain vehicles year-round, no matter the weather outside.

5. How will you customize your structure?

One of the best aspects of metal buildings will be their customizability. From top to bottom, you’ll have carte blanche to adjust and change almost every aspect of your structure. Change and adapt your paneling, roofing, trim, windows, doors, and even your wainscoting.

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