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Available Roof Colors

The roof will often be the first part of your new building anyone sees. So, why not make it truly stand out? With our broad assortment of colors, you’ll be able to modify your roofing panels to match any aesthetic or color scheme.

Available Colors

Available Wall Colors

Walls are the second most noticeable aspect of your structure. As such, you’ll want to choose a color palette that gracefully coordinates with the other components of your building.

Available Colors

Available Trim Colors

Looking for a more subtle approach? How about combining the color of your walls, paneling, or roof with different trim colors for a custom palette?

Available Colors

Available Wainscoting Colors

Wainscoting can do wonders for transforming an unassuming metal building into a traditional-looking structure. And with our customization options, you'll be able to choose between a wide selection of wainscoting colors to find one that works for you.

Available Colors

Available Door Colors

You’ll want to choose a door color that works well with the rest of your structure. For the best results, pick doors that match your walls or roof paneling.

Available Colors

Disclaimer: Due to slight color variations in monitors and printers, the advertised colors may slightly vary from what is presented on this website. We strive to maintain accurate colors, but the images shown are intended to be used as a guide and not a representation of the final product.

Request Color Samples

Color samples are the best way to get a hands-on look at some of our color combinations! Request samples of your favorite colors here!

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Explore Additional Customization Options

In addition to a wide range of colors, you’ll have a vast array of customization options available to you, giving you full access to change almost every aspect of your structure. You’ll easily be able to choose your:

  • Walk-in Doors
    All enclosed buildings need some walk-in doors! With Quality Steel Buildings, you'll be able to add as many doors as you need. You’ll also be able to choose between a wide array of colors to match or enhance the other components of your building.
  • Garage Doors
    If you're protecting vehicles and oversized equipment, you'll need more than a standard entryway door. These larger-sized garage doors offer the necessary room and clearance for vehicle maintenance bays, car storage buildings, or automotive repair shops.
  • Windows
    Let in some natural light with our assortment of windows! You’ll have the ability to add as many as you need. And if you have custom window options in mind, we’ll even complete the frame-outs for you!
  • Gable Ends
    The end caps of your building, this section can also be customized with a wide assortment of panel types and color options.
  • Panels
    Panels are the bread and butter of your structure. With these, you’ll be able to choose your paneling color, how you want it oriented, and what type of additional accessories like wainscoting you’d like to add.
  • Additional Bows and Trusses
    If you live in an area that regularly experiences violent weather patterns, you may need to reinforce your structure with additional bow and truss systems. These components are essentially the backbone of your metal building, giving it the strength to stand up to almost any weather.

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