Metal Garage Kits

Gone are the days of vulnerable wooden garages that were susceptible to pests, mold, and moisture. Nowadays, many people are opting for metal garage kits for better protection of their cars, RVs, boats, motorhomes, equipment, and other valuable assets from wind, rain, and snow. Steel garages are enclosed, secure, and cost-effective structures that are perfect for your every need.

Many people are particularly fond of the fast, simple, and economical assembly of our metal garage kits. All the components are pre-cut and pre-welded at the factory, so all you need to do is get your hands dirty and start building the perfect garage of your dreams.

At Quality Steel Buildings, we provide a wide range of metal garage kits that meet your requirements, whatever they may be. Whether you need a one-car garage, two-car, or three-car garage, or more, you can build the structure yourself without any hassle. You can even customize your steel garage according to your needs. To know more about garage kits and metal buildings, call us at +1 (877) 215-6555Call Now we will be happy to help!

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Building Gallery w/ Prices

Starting Price :$10,120.00*

SKU No : QSB#69

Width 24 | Length 26 | Height 10

Starting Price :$10,246.50*

SKU No : QSB#68

Width 24 | Length 26 | Height 9

Starting Price :$17,099.50*

SKU No : QSB#60

Width 28 | Length 36 | Height 10

Starting Price :$23,298.00*

SKU No : QSB#53

Width 28 | Length 36 | Height 12, 9

Starting Price :$35,145.00*

SKU No : QSB#94

Width 32 | Length 50 | Height 12

Starting Price :$18,823.75*

SKU No : QSB#90

Width 34 | Length 36 | Height 10, 6

Starting Price :$19,271.00*

SKU No : QSB#89

Width 28 | Length 46 | Height 10

Starting Price :$12,793.00*

SKU No : QSB#88

Width 20 | Length 41 | Height 10

Starting Price :$15,510.00*

SKU No : QSB#86

Width 22 | Length 41 | Height 12

Starting Price :$13,200.00*

SKU No : QSB#84

Width 30 | Length 26 | Height 10

Starting Price :$11,121.00*

SKU No : QSB#82

Width 20 | Length 36 | Height 9

Starting Price :$11,104.50*

SKU No : QSB#81

Width 25 | Length 26 | Height 9

Starting Price :$11,704.00*

SKU No : QSB#80

Width 26 | Length 26 | Height 10

Starting Price :$14,437.50*

SKU No : QSB#78

Width 30 | Length 31 | Height 10

Starting Price :$17,611.00*

SKU No : QSB#77

Width 30 | Length 41 | Height 12

What Do You Get in a Metal Garage Kit?

A metal garage kit from Quality Steel Buildings includes all the necessary components you need to build your custom garage. The kit includes pre-cut framing members and support, wall paneling, roofing panels, bolts, screws, trim, fastening hardware, and nuts. All the components are pre-painted according to your choice of color. Additionally, the kit includes a detailed set of instructions on assembly and installation, and all necessary hardware.

At Quality Steel Buildings, we also provide a bunch of customization options for your metal garage kit, including doors, windows, and insulation. With our metal garage kit, you can easily assemble and install your own quality custom-designed garage in no time. All of their garage kits are designed for easy assembly and come with a 20-year warranty for peace of mind.

Versatility and Durability of Quality Steel Buildings

Metal garage kit from Quality Steel Buildings is a great way to add a protective and reliable structure to your property. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to add extra storage space for your vehicles, tools, and equipment. All our kits are made from the highest quality steel and are designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions, including rain, high-speed winds, and even harsh snow.

With a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes available, you can easily find the perfect garage kit to fit your needs. Our kits are easy to assemble and can be customized to meet your exact requirements. With a metal garage kit from Quality Steel Buildings, you can rest assured that your valuable assets will be safe and secure.

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Customize & Design Your Metal Garage Kit

Quality Steel Buildings provide customizable metal garages that are perfect for a variety of uses. With our hundreds of custom options, including width, length, height and roof style, color, door, windows, anchors, panels, certification, and more, you can design and build a custom garage that fits your needs and budget.

With our easy-to-use 3D Design tools, you can customize your garage's size, shape, and style according to your specifications. In the 3D Design tool, you can experience how your structure will look with real-time pricing.

Whether you need a garage for storage, a workshop, or a place to work on your car, Quality Steel Buildings can provide you with the perfect solution. With our commitment to quality, you can rest assured that your steel garage will last for many years to come.

Order Your Custom-Designed Affordable Steel Garage Kit from Quality Steel Buildings Today!

If you are looking for a quality, affordable steel garage kit that is custom-designed to your specifications, then Quality Steel Buildings has the solution for you. Our steel garage kits are built with heavy-duty steel frames and are designed to be easy to assemble, making them the perfect solution for any homeowner looking to add extra storage or parking space.

And, with our expert customer service, you can be sure that your new garage will be built properly and within your budget. So don’t wait any longer; order your budget-friendly custom steel garage kit from Quality Steel Buildings today. Call our building experts at +1 (877) 215-6555Call Now to share your requirement, and leave the rest to us!