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At Quality Steel Buildings, you can find the ideal custom metal warehouse buildings for your commercial storage requirements. Whether you need a smaller building for your expanding business or a building of great proportions to store a large inventory, these metal warehouses are a perfect choice. We also provide a variety of structures, such as barns, garages, carports, commercial buildings, clear spans, and industrial buildings. The cost of steel is way less than other building materials, making all these buildings incredibly affordable. These structures can withstand extreme weather conditions, including rain, wind, and snow, and last for generations without requiring costly maintenance. With Quality Steel Buildings, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting a long-lasting building at the industry’s best prices. And you don’t even have to pay for delivery and installation; it’s FREE! Connect with our building professionals at +1 (877) 215-6555Call Now, and let’s get your warehouse project started!

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Our Most Popular Buildings

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Starting Price :$35,145.00*

SKU No : QSB#94

Width 32 | Length 50 | Height 12

Starting Price :$35,015.00*

SKU No : QSB#63

Width 40 | Length 51 | Height 14

Starting Price :$107,535.00*

SKU No : QSB#50

Width 60 | Length 101 | Height 14

Starting Price :$129,865.00*

SKU No : QSB#48

Width 30 | Length 301 | Height 14

Starting Price :$31,432.50*

SKU No : QSB#35

Width 52 | Length 41 | Height 7, 9

Starting Price :$19,390.00*

SKU No : QSB#33

Width 32 | Length 31 | Height 8

Starting Price :$51,602.50*

SKU No : QSB#31

Width 52 | Length 66 | Height 12

Starting Price :$37,135.00*

SKU No : QSB#16

Width 40 | Length 41 | Height 14

Starting Price :$43,150.00*

SKU No : QSB#11

Width 40 | Length 51 | Height 12

Starting Price :$25,750.00*

SKU No : QSB#01

Width 34 | Length 36 | Height 14
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Metal Warehouse Building Kits

If you have a background in construction or have a work crew and equipment at the ready, you may enjoy our metal warehouse kits! These kits come with everything you’d find in our traditional buildings, except you install it yourself. With a lift, some help, and some equipment, you can construct your building all on your own! It’s a fantastic option for those with construction experience that don’t want the hassle of waiting for an installation crew to arrive.

Metal Warehouse Prices

Quality Steel Buildings prides itself on offering premium metal buildings at competitive prices. However, with steel buildings being complex items, the price for these structures can vary based on many details. These include:

Raw Steel Prices

The cost of raw steel can fluctuate wildly based on demand, shipping costs, and logistical concerns.

Customizations and Reinforcements

Quality Steel Buildings offers a wide selection of customization and reinforcement options for your structure. However, these additions will use more steel, which increases the final cost of your building.

Manufacturing Location

We use a vast network of manufacturers to ensure that our premium structures are available no matter where you call home. These manufacturers will sometimes have slightly different prices that can affect the outcome of your structure.

Installation Location

If you live in an area that is challenging for installation crews to reach, there may be additional installation fees, which will increase the final price of your building.

Quality Steel Buildings is Your Number One Provider of Metal Warehouses

No matter where you go, you can bet that Quality Steel Buildings has your back. With a wide assortment of metal structures, we have the infrastructure you need to get the job done. These structures offer the strength, durability, and customizability to work across a wide network of business sectors, from small equipment sheds to enormous metal warehouses and industrial buildings.

So, if you’ve been thinking about building a metal warehouse or garage for your business, we can help! Our structures fit many business types, including industrial applications, commercial establishments, and more!

Give us a call today at +1 (877) 215-6555Call Now and let our team of dedicated building experts help you design, customize, and fabricate the structure you and your business have been waiting for.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Warehouses

A steel warehouse is an enclosed building designed with high-quality galvanized steel, perfect for the storage of goods and valuables.

Building a warehouse requires careful planning to ensure that all the materials and equipment fit into the space. If you are planning a small warehouse structure, you can easily DIY it with our metal building kit. However, these structures are a bit larger and require expert installation to ensure that the building is installed safely and meets all your requirements.

We use high-quality galvanized steel for metal warehouses and for all our metal buildings due to its better strength and durability.

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