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Metal barns are steel buildings that have one or more lean-to’s attached to the main building. The center building can be enclosed or open. The lean to’s too can be enclosed or open. Steel barns are durable & fire-resistant. While steel barns look like traditional wood barns, they offer advancement over pole barns made of wood. With superior engineering and certification, steel barn buildings provide long-term protection against elements. Furthermore, metal barn structures can be used as horse barns, cattle enclosures, RV covers, or equipment storage units.

At Quality Steel Buildings, we can customize a barn for your needs. You can attach lean to’s on the sides or ends or even wraparound porches. All our structures are engineered to your needs. We can also build uncertified if needed exclusively for big farm needs. We help you with design delivery with our partner manufacturers and barn installers.

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Our Most Popular Buildings

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Starting Price :$23,430.00*

SKU No : QSB#95

Width 54 | Length 31 | Height 12, 9

Starting Price :$25,069.00*

SKU No : QSB#91

Width 44 | Length 31 | Height 10, 14

Starting Price :$21,626.00*

SKU No : QSB#87

Width 44 | Length 36 | Height 12, 9

Starting Price :$23,353.00*

SKU No : QSB#85

Width 20 | Length 36 | Height 14, 9

Starting Price :$34,110.50*

SKU No : QSB#83

Width 20 | Length 36 | Height 10, 14, 8

Starting Price :$42,828.50*

SKU No : QSB#57

Width 44 | Length 36 | Height 14, 9

Starting Price :$9,470.00*

SKU No : QSB#64

Width | Length | Height 10, 8

Starting Price :$12,492.50*

SKU No : QSB#61

Width 42 | Length 26 | Height 10, 6

Starting Price :$25,620.00*

SKU No : QSB#23

Width | Length 26 | Height 8'11'14'

Starting Price :$18,380.00*

SKU No : QSB#52

Width | Length 31 | Height 12, 8

Starting Price :$18,850.00*

SKU No : QSB#41

Width | Length 31 | Height 14-Sep

Starting Price :$17,690.00*

SKU No : QSB#37

Width | Length 31 | Height 13-Sep

Starting Price :$23,620.00*

SKU No : QSB#21

Width | Length 31 | Height 12, 6, 9

Starting Price :$33,170.00*

SKU No : QSB#19

Width | Length 51 | Height 11, 14

Starting Price :$21,705.00*

SKU No : QSB#18

Width | Length 31 | Height 12, 9

Starting Price :$15,685.00*

SKU No : QSB#10

Width | Length 31 | Height 10, 6

Starting Price :$28,390.00*

SKU No : QSB#06

Width | Length 41 | Height 12, 9

Starting Price :$16,605.00*

SKU No : QSB#02

Width | Length 21 | Height 14, 9
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Steel Barn Kits

If you have a background in construction or simply enjoy big projects, our steel barn kits may be an excellent option for you. These kits come with everything you’d find in our premium metal structures, except you install it yourself. It’s perfect for those that don’t want to wait around for an installation crew or those looking for a great weekend project.

Metal Barn Prices

Here at Quality Steel Buildings, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of premium metal structures. However, the price of the materials used in these structures can vary depending on several factors. These include:

Raw Steel Prices

Raw steel is a valuable commodity that often fluctuates in price based on demand, shipping costs, and more.

Customization Options

If you decide to reinforce your structure, add onto an existing one, or add accessories, it will require additional steel, resulting in a higher price.


We have an extensive network of manufacturers around the country, and depending on where you call home, the manufacturer’s price for your structure may vary.

Install Location

If you live in a remote or hard-to-reach area, installation crews may charge additional fees, raising the final price of your building.

Choose Quality Steel Buildings as Your Metal Barn Solution

We know that purchasing a metal barn or steel structure is a significant investment. And with any investment of such size, it’s crucial to perform the necessary research and find the right one for you. And that’s where we come in. With a wide selection of premium metal structures, we have the experience to get you exactly what you need. From small equipment buildings to large barns, the only limit is your budget and your imagination!

From concept to creation, we’re there every step of the way! Give us a call today at +1 (877) 215-6555Call Now and let our knowledgeable building specialists help you design and customize the barn you need.

It's Your Metal Building. It's Your Opportunity.