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What exactly is a utility building? This overarching term can be used to identify any structure that serves a dedicated purpose. For example, this could be a large metal structure used for housing heavy equipment and tools or a simple backyard shed that stores your mower and hedge trimmers. But, no matter the application, you can bet that a metal structure by Quality Steel Buildings is up to the task!

These structures are far more cost-effective and easier to construct than wooden options. And they last longer, too! So, whether you’re looking for a residential structure or you need a utility building for your new business, you’ve come to the right place!

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Utility Building Kits

Are you the DIY type? Do you have a background in construction? If you answered yes to either of these, our utility building kits might be for you! These kits come with everything you’d find in a traditional building, except you construct it yourself!

This is a fantastic choice if you want to build your structure yourself or simply don’t want to wait around for an installation crew!

Utility Building Prices

Quality Steel Buildings prides itself on delivering long-lasting, quality products at affordable prices. However, our structures are complex buildings, and, as such, the prices for them can vary depending on several factors. These can include:

Prices for Raw Steel

Raw steel often fluctuates in price based on several aspects, including demand, shipping costs, and transportation logistics.


When you purchase a metal building, you’ll be able to customize it to fit any of your needs. However, these customizations often require additional resources that drive up your structure’s final cost.


Quality Steel Buildings uses a wide network of manufacturers to ensure that you can get a premium structure no matter where you live. However,  the price for a structure can vary depending on the manufacturer’s costs, taxes, and any potential fees.

Installation Location

Suppose you live in a remote area that is difficult for our install teams to reach. In that case, it may incur additional installation fees for the added manpower and materials needed to complete the project.

Buy Your Utility Building from Quality Steel Buildings

No matter where you hang your hat, you can bet that Quality Steel Buildings has you covered with premium storage buildings for sale. From small garden sheds to enormous industrial buildings, we have the knowledge and manpower to deliver lasting products. These structures are incredibly strong and capable of withstanding almost anything Mother Nature can hurl its way. They’re also adaptable and ready to take on any application you can think up!


So, if you’ve been thinking of purchasing a metal utility building, you’re in the right place! Give us a call at +1 (877) 215-6555Call Now and let our team of expert building specialists help you design, cultivate, and realize the structure you need! Whether for the backyard or your new business venture, you can bet on Quality Steel Buildings to have your back!

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