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At Quality Steel Buildings, we understand that every business is unique, and so are the requirements for commercial spaces. That is why we offer a variety of commercial metal buildings that can meet your requirements, from workshops and garages to barns, clear span buildings, warehouses, retail space, and more. These commercial buildings are designed and built with durability and functionality in mind, ensuring they withstand the test of time. However, all our buildings are fully customizable; you can customize them according to your needs and still benefit from long-term cost savings through reduced maintenance and repair costs. In order to provide you with high-quality structures without breaking the bank, we offer the most competitive prices in the industry. Contact our building experts at +1 (877) 215-6555Call Now for a wide range of steel buildings and great savings.

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Our Most Popular Buildings

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Starting Price :$35,145.00*

SKU No : QSB#94

Width 32 | Length 50 | Height 12

Starting Price :$35,015.00*

SKU No : QSB#63

Width 40 | Length 51 | Height 14

Starting Price :$107,535.00*

SKU No : QSB#50

Width 60 | Length 101 | Height 14

Starting Price :$129,865.00*

SKU No : QSB#48

Width 30 | Length 301 | Height 14

Starting Price :$31,432.50*

SKU No : QSB#35

Width 52 | Length 41 | Height 7, 9

Starting Price :$19,390.00*

SKU No : QSB#33

Width 32 | Length 31 | Height 8

Starting Price :$51,602.50*

SKU No : QSB#31

Width 52 | Length 66 | Height 12

Starting Price :$37,135.00*

SKU No : QSB#16

Width 40 | Length 41 | Height 14

Starting Price :$43,150.00*

SKU No : QSB#11

Width 40 | Length 51 | Height 12

Starting Price :$25,750.00*

SKU No : QSB#01

Width 34 | Length 36 | Height 14
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DIYer? You’ll Love Our Commercial Building Kits

If you have a background in construction or have access to a work crew, you may be interested in our commercial building kits! These kits come with everything you’d find in our traditional metal buildings, except you install it yourself. And while most commercial projects are too large in scale for a single individual to complete, if you have access to lifts, equipment, and a crew of workers, you can erect your building in no time and save money on installation costs while doing it.

Quality Steel Buildings and Commercial Building Prices

Quality Steel Buildings is proud to offer a wide selection of buildings. These buildings are constructed from a large assortment of components and, as such, can vary in price. These fluctuations are based on several factors, including:

Raw Steel Prices

Raw steel is a highly sought-after commodity and can vary in worth based on shipping costs, weather patterns, and more.

Upgrades, Reinforcements, and Additions

If you choose to add customizations to your structure, it will require additional steel, thus raising the final cost of your structure.


We are proud to use a vast network of manufacturers that allows us to bring you your premium metal building regardless of where you live. However, the manufacturer in your area may have fluctuating prices depending on various taxes and fees.

Install Site

If you live in an area that’s difficult for installation teams to reach, additional installation costs may be incurred, raising your building’s final price.

Quality Steel Buildings is Your Commercial Metal Building Solution

If you’ve been thinking about opening your own restaurant, storefront, garage, or office space, you’ve come to the right place! Quality Steel Buildings is happy to offer a wide array of metal structures to suit your needs. These buildings are solid, long-lasting, and completely customizable!

We have the skills and experience to get the job done right from concept to creation! Give us a call today at +1 (877) 215-6555Call Now and let our team of specialists help you design, customize, and install the commercial building your business needs to grow!

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Metal Buildings

Building with metal is more cost-effective than wood as metal is a strong and durable material and requires minimal maintenance.

Commercial buildings are built with metal due to its superior durability, cost-effectiveness, and large clear span capabilities that make them ideally suited for commercial operations.

Most commercial buildings are built with steel. For large structures and commercial buildings, steel provides the most stability and strength!

Common sizes of metal buildings range from as small as 12’x20′ to as large as 100’x200′.

It's Your Metal Building. It's Your Opportunity.