So, you’ve designed and purchased your new custom metal building. You’ve customized every aspect of it to suit your exact needs and requirements. But what’s next? Once your order has been placed, all that remains is installation day! However, if you haven’t performed all the necessary due diligence for your installation, you’ll want to get everything ready!

To ensure everything goes off without a hitch, we’ve put together a handy guide to help get your building site ready for installation. From the beginning to the end, this guide will give you the tools to minimize any headaches that may occur during your metal building site prep.

Crucial Site Preparation Tips

Before your building can be delivered and installed, all the logistics must be appropriately handled. For example, you'll need to:
Research building permits and code requirements
Research building permits and code requirements

Most localities will have specific laws and codes you’ll need to abide by. Therefore, prior to installation, you’ll need to contact your local building authorities to discover the permits you’ll need to secure.

Decide the location of your building
Decide the location of your building

Odds are, you’ve had the location for your structure planned out long before you put in the order. But if you haven’t, you’ll want to choose a location that rests above any natural water drainage. This site will need to be cleared, graded, and prepped for your new building.

Ensure easy access
Ensure easy access

Does your metal building have easy access? You’ll want to ensure that you have adequate road access to and from your structure. This will be helpful for incoming installation crews and convenient for use in the future.

Prepare your steel building foundation
Prepare your steel building foundation

Once your build site has been properly graded, you’ll need to decide which foundation type you want. For concrete foundations, you’ll need to ensure your slab has been laid and is fully cured before installation.

Choose Your Foundation

When you purchase a metal building, you’ll have several foundation types available. These foundations are incredibly important for the health and longevity of your structure. However, they vary in cost and strength, so it’s critical to take a deeper look at these foundations and how they work.

  • Dirt Foundations

    Dirt foundations are a common foundation type for small equipment sheds, garages, and residential buildings. It’s quick, efficient, and you won’t have to do much other than ensure its level. For soil foundations, special auger-like anchors are drilled down into the dirt. They’re often the same type of anchors used for many mobile homes and are highly stable for most climates.

  • Gravel Foundations

    Gravel foundations use the same screw-like anchors you’d find with dirt foundations. Despite using the same hardware, gravel is a step up from simple dirt foundations due to its ability to minimize flooding and erosion.

  • Asphalt Foundations

    Asphalt foundations are often used for carports and metal garages installed in driveways. This option uses special spiked rods that are driven into the asphalt. These spikes prevent the rods from slippling.

  • Concrete Pads

    The strongest and most durable option, concrete pads are great for finished metal buildings such as garages and warehouses. These structures are installed on concrete foundations using specialized bolts that are drilled directly into the pad. These concrete pads will need to be installed and fully cured before the installation of a metal building.

Other Important Things to Consider


As we’ve mentioned, having easy access to your structure is incredibly important. After all, you’ll need to use it every day. If you don’t have an adequate road system in place, you’ll want to make sure that it’s completed before your metal building’s installation.


The direction your structure faces will dictate much about how the sun shines on it throughout the day. This will affect how comfortable and how it handles heat.


Before you build your structure, you’ll want to decide what utilities it will need. Will you want to add lighting? Plumbing? Professional electricians and plumbers can help you develop your building’s utilities.

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