How Much Does It Cost to Build a Metal Garage ? Things You Need to Consider

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How Much Does a Metal Garage Cost

The cost to build an 18×24 steel garage is around $6,836.50 to $10,000, $10,120 to 15,000 for a 24×26 two-car garage, and it can go up to 25,000 for a 30×40 commercial metal garage. The average price per square foot for most metal garages will range between $10 to $50. However, the metal garage prices will vary depending on their size, location, style, steel price, location, labor, and custom features you plan to choose.

We understand the need to have a strong and affordable metal garage, which is why we offer a wide range of steel garages at highly competitive prices. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming, especially when cost is an important factor. In this blog, we will help you make an informed decision by highlighting the key factors to consider when budget is a concern for your metal garage.

Metal Garage Sizes – An Important Cost Factor

The size of the garage influences the overall cost, as it directly affects the amount of material needed, the time it will take to build, and the complexity of the design. Here’s a breakdown of average costs based on the different sizes of steel garages.

One-Car Garage

One-car steel garage size ranges from 12’ wide to 18’ wide. They provide enough space for a single vehicle, with a bit of room to spare for storage or a work area. However, a standard 12×20 one-car garage can cost you around $6,000 to $8000, but it can vary depending on the custom features you are planning to add.

Two-Car Garage

Two-car steel garage is larger and ranges in size from 18’ wide to 24’ wide. This size can comfortably accommodate two vehicles, or one vehicle and an enough amount of workshop or storage space. The average cost of an 18×31 side entry two-car garage is $10,263 to $15,000 and can vary depending on your location and the customization options you choose.

Three-Car Garage

A three-car steel garage offers even more space and ranges from 26’ wide to 30’ wide. These garages can house three cars or two cars and also provide a large storage area. The average cost of a 28×36 vertical roof three-car garage is $17,000 to $22,000 and can vary according to your location, and the custom features you add.

Custom Garage

If the standard sizes do not meet your needs, you can always go for a custom steel garage. The size, design, and cost of a custom garage can vary greatly depending on your requirements. You might want to include extra storage or living space; these steel garages can be easily customized according to your need and requirement.

Things You Need to Consider When Planning Your Steel Garage


The primary purpose of your steel garage will impact its design. Will it be installed to store vehicles, or a workshop for various DIY projects? Do you plan to include any specific features like extra garage doors, a workspace, or a home gym? Understanding what you plan to use the space for will help you decide everything from its size to its layout.


Consider where you are planning to build your garage. It needs to be convenient and accessible, but also in compliance with your local zoning laws or HOA regulations. The location will also affect the garage design – for example, a vertical roof garage is a must for harsh weather conditions, A-frame roof garage for moderate climate, and a regular roof garage for mild climate conditions.


The cost of constructing a steel garage is directly impacted by the current price of steel. The global steel market is subject to fluctuations due to a variety of factors, which can affect the cost of your project.

Building Permits:

Before starting construction, you will need to make sure that your project is in compliance with all local laws and building codes. You need to get a building permit, which requires submitting detailed plans of your project to your local planning department. This can be a complex process, so it’s a good idea to start early. Non-compliance can lead to fines, and you may be required to alter or even dismantle non-compliant structures.


Your budget is one of the major factors in planning your steel garage. This will determine the size of your garage, the quality of the materials, and the extent of customization you can afford. Keep in mind that your budget needs to cover not only the initial construction costs, but also ongoing costs like foundation and utilities. It’s a good idea to get quotes from several contractors or suppliers to make an informed decision.

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At Quality Steel Buildings, we are committed to helping you make the most of this investment, with guidance at every step of your project, from the initial design and planning through to the completion of your new steel garage. The price tag on your metal garage isn’t just a cost – it’s an investment in a durable, versatile space that can meet your needs for many years to come.
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